Whether you want to further your Photoshop skills, or are a beginner just starting out in Photoshop, one-on-one training is the way to go.

You'll get exactly the information you need

Unlike a run of the mill class, there is no wading through extraneous information to get to your specific interests.

Intensive training means you learn a lot

You tell me what you want to accomplish via Photoshop, and I, as an Adobe Certified Instructor will teach you the best way to get there.

Your training includes one year support

You can get personalized support regarding any questions as discussed, as a topic in your training, answered a full year from your day of training-via telephone or email.

Navigating within the Photoshop environment

Manipulating your photographs - not generic samples, including:

  • Adjusting lighting
  • Enhancing colors
  • Giving your photos punch
  • Removing unwanted objects
  • Adding text
  • Removing blemishes, dust and scratches


Shortcuts, tips and tricks - lots of tricks and techniques, including:

  • Understanding layers
  • Using clipping masks
  • Applying layer effects


Using features hidden in Bridge, such as

  • Using Camera Raw to modify multiple photos at one
  • Rating photos
  • Creating a professional web-ready gallery
  • Creating contact sheets

Whatever topics you wish to discuss


I learned more in two hours than any other course I had taken in learning Photoshop.

Gary Fabbri
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